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The examples of applications

1. Treatment of acne
The greatest effect is achieved with so-called anti-inflammatory treatment. This treatment consists of slow rotary motions of a flat probe around the inflamed area.

2. Cosmetics
Even the area of cosmetics has seen a number of positive outcomes. Ozone prevents the skin from inflammation. It also has disinfecting effects and strengthens the immunity of skin the against external influences of the environment. A more intensive metabolism is encouraged which leads to an increased micro-circulation and this further results in an improvement in local skin supply and therefore in significant improvement in absorption of cosmetic prepares as well.

3. Infected skin diseases
As far as open wounds are concerned, a flat probe is used and slowly pressed. The time of application depends on the size of the area under treatment, usually 1-5 minutes, 1x a day. The intensity is set according to the feelings of an individual patient.

4. Headaches, migraine
We circle the flat electrode around the temporal area. The period of treatment depends on the improvement and relief of pain, but it should not last longer than 5 minutes. The procedure may be repeated up to 3 times a day. The intensity is set according to the feelings of an individual patient.

5. Haematoms (bruises)
Locally produced heat which penetrates into depth is especially used as a treatment. A flat probe is used and easy, rotating movements are performed at the margin of the bruise. The intensity is set according to the feelings of an individual patient, however values in the middle range are recommended.

6. Muscular inflammation in the articulus area , sport injuries
It is necessary to understand the treatment as a massage supplementary to the therapy determined by the doctor. It leads to pain relief and contributes to the healing process. In this case the flat probe is applied directly on the painful place.
Intensity is set according to the patient's feelings.

7. Neuralgia, rheumatic arthritis
High frequency impulses cause an intensive massage and heating. This leads to the difficulty relief. Intensity is set according to the patient�s feelings.

8. Regeneration of head skin and hair growth support
As a result of the treatment, the micro-circulation and metabolism in the head skin improve. This is also reflected in an improved growth of healthy hair. In case of bald heads, the application is not effective any longer. The hair probe is used with which travel softly through the head skin.

The areas of treatment which should be left to experts:  

A) The regeneration of hair-roots and their inflammation
It is supposed that the treatment is performed by specialists at a hair-dresser or a beauty parlour. The comb-shaped probe is used. We slowly travel with it through the hair to the required areas. The electrical discharges have positive influence on the hair-follicles, i.e. the most important place as far as the hair nutrition is concerned.

B) Inflamed nail beds and weak nails
The treatment is performed e.g. at pedicure, cosmetics or doctoral practice. The point probe is slowly circled around the nail beds. In cases of weak nails, the flat probe is to be used. Intensity is set according to the patient�s feelings.

C) Paradentosis
see the medical opinion

D) Cellulite
see the medical opinion