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Evaluation of the clinical testing of the rehabilitating
and massaging device PEP 12 produced by ELFA Blatna


We have been testing the PEP 12 device at our workplace since 1996. This device had already been produced during the first Czechoslovak Republic and this is its innovation. Its production had ceased as a result of the liquidation of firms after 1948.

Technical parameters of the device:

It is a modern device which uses a complex impulsive galvanic stimulation of the organism. The device uses a combination of local warming up to stimulate more intensive metabolism, electromagnetic field of impulsive current and local chemical anti-inflammatory effect of ozone.

Bearing the history and tradition of this device during the first republic in mind, we make every effort to diversify the product market with quality but above all with price that is competitive enough to compete with imports from Japan, Germany and Italy.

Ozone had been used during the 1. world war as a gas in therapeutic concentration to treat the war injuries. It had proved effective especially in treating mattery injuries and in stomatology. It is important to maintain good ventilation of the room during the treatment due to its toxicity. This had probably been the reason of this method becoming obsolete after the war. At the present, the ozone therapy with the use of new techniques is again becoming popular.

The versions of the device:

l. Basic version:
the producer recommends its use at home for a direct use by the patient who treats himself. The device is equipped with a metal electrode through which the circuit to the power supply unit and to the flat glass electrode can be completed. The device is placed in a portable case and a detailed user�s manual is enclosed.

2. Version with supplements: it is recommended as a professional version to be used for treatment performed by a different person. The device is placed in a portable case together with the power supply unit (WP 67216, 220/24V, approved by EZU Prague), metal electrode and connection, flat glass electrode, comb-shaped and point glass electrodes. Ozone is created by means of electrical discharges.

  • supply voltage: 24 V
  • power input at maximum power output: app. 5 W
  • frequency of impulses: 200 Hz + 20%
  • the glass electrode are filled with inert gases (Ne,Ar)
  • dimensions : 250 mm, diameter 48 mm, mass 280g

Hygienic instructions:

Due to safety reasons it is necessary to have the therapeutic room sufficiently ventilated. This is especially the case if the device is applied on the face.

Electrodes once used should be washed with lukewarm water and further disinfected by e.g. Ajatin once they have been disconnected from the power supply unit. The electrodes are to be used very carefully to avoid their damage as they are very perishable.


The producer recommends the device not only for ambulatory therapy but mainly as a supplementary home treatment of:
  1. skin diseases (acne, impetigo, hematomes)
  2. painful syndromes
  3. sport injuries
  4. regeneration of head skin and hair growth support


  1. cardio-stimulator
  2. epilepsy
  3. psychiatric illnesses
  4. incurable patients
  5. patients hypersensitive to electrical discharge
  6. pregnancy

Rules of application:

  1. A trained person who has read the manual user�s the device and in unclear cases this person seeks consultation with the doctor in charge.
  2. Very wet and oozy places are to be dried or treated through a thin cloth. The device is not to be used in the bath tub and humid places at all.
  3. The intensity is to be set according to the patient�s feelings. The discharges generated during the massage are not health-damaging and their intensity can be gradually increased.
  4. All metal decorations must be removed from the room before the treatment as the discharge concentration increases in their vicinity.

The results and the tested patients:

We have been testing the device according to the user�s manual, mainly as a supplementary therapy of skin diseases. The frequency of treatment has been 1x-2x a week, in some selected cases a daily treatment has been the case.

Altogether 7 patients in series of 10-12 sessions have been treated 2x a week and a significant relief of inflammation points has already been seen after the 4th session in cases of 4 patients. Decreased spreading and gradual minimisation of the inflammation has been observed with all patients. The state of one patient has remained unchanged. There are no scars being left on the skin during the recovery in the areas of inflammation points. The patients are simultaneously treated with homeopathy and organ prepares. The massages accelerate the healing process.

5 patients have been treated, out of which 2 had already been reacting well to laser-therapy. The result has been similar. The skin relaxes fast, especially in places where the tetter has shown signs of inflammation too. In case of one patient, the treatment had to be stopped due to a significant worsening already after the first application.

Complexion care:
A regular application of massages has brought beneficial results in cases of 4 women. The application of series of 10 sessions has lead to smoothening and stretch of complexion and disappearance of small mimicry wrinkles.

A significant anti-inflammatory effect has been observed during a cosmetic treatment of complexion suffering from appeal. The massage that follows afterwards prevents swelling and inflammatory complications which are often the case after such treatments.

In this case, a daily application either at home or in the ambulance has proved very effective. We lend the device to our patients for a home use after we have trained them. We have been treating 3 men and 4 women in this way and very good results have been achieved. The majority of patients have already been cured during the first week which has been very important for improvement of the mental state of the patient.

The device is equipped with a point electrode with which the ozone can be applied directly into the acupuncture points. At the present we are only testing this method in cases where laser-puncture is used, i.e. in cases when the patient is scared of the acupuncture needle or the area is oversensitive. The first application was performed on exhausted sportsmen who suffered from inflammation of periost. Since we do not have sufficient experience in this area yet, it is difficult to assess the results.

Overall evaluation of the device:

The device is light and user friendly. Disinfectants to clean the connectors hygienically are easily available.

The use of the device is safe and suitable for home treatment directly by the patient. The producer supplies the product in a case protected against concussions. The user�s manual enclosed is detailed and clear enough for the device to be applied in the health care system as well as at home.


We do not have any serious comments to the product. The device has proved effective and safe for therapy during the testing period and is therefore more than competitive with the products imported from abroad.

We recommend the massaging device PEP 12 for therapy in ambulances and clinics in the Czech Republic.

Prague 10.03.1997

Mudr. Krejcova - razitko Galina Krejcova
Doctor of Medicine
Chief Doctor
Office of pain and acupuncture Treatment, homeopathy and EAV

Original is located in the State organisation for the control of medicines with Mrs. Matejcova, Srobarova 48, Prague 10

The use of the portable electrical device EVRA HRBOV
in the office of the general practitioner for children and youth

     I have used the above mentioned device in my office to treat children of school age and younger suffering from a moisty atopic dermatitis. There were cases of already impetigo- symptoms of this dermatitis.

     Application of this device daily for 10 minutes for a period of one week has lead to a significant improvement. It has helped to cure and eliminate moisty (or impetigininous) bearings. After another week the skin has regenerated and become pink and smooth. Similarly, it has also shown quick curing results if applied to mattery cases of acne, which I have noticed in my office, is a very frequent problem of maturing young people.

     I have further applied the glass electrode in the shape of a comb to seborrhoea dermatitis in that hair part of person�s head which suffers from excessive creation of dandruff and hair loss. Even these cases have seen a significant improvement within 7-10 days. This electrode is very effective with megrim headaches.

     I have also used the flat electrode in cases of headaches caused by blockade of the cervical vertebral column and in these cases I have applied it the area of the cervical vertebral column in the direction towards the head.

     Relief can be felt after 1-2 applications. Even the application to musculus sternocleidomastoideus with symptoms of torticollis has resulted in a relief.

     Regular application to the area of thoracic and lumbar vertebral column with Scheuermann�s disease and other algic Th-L syndromes has lead to relief of pain in the above area.

     The application is very pleasant and eliminates long-term pain in cases of sport injuries such as knee, ankle, tennis elbow. Children in the stage of growing often suffer from growth-related pains of heel bones and also in this case the device is very effective and brings positive results.

     TThis device is acceptable for my patients, the application is pleasant and it is possible to use it with smaller children who have got used to the healing process.

Mudr. Chrzova - razitko MUDr.Chrzova Hana
Practitioner for children and youth
Strední 169
Dubi 3

Report about conducting a clinical test of the PEP 12 device

The test has been conducted in the ambulance office and at the bedding department of the Clinic of complex rehabilitation of Jiri Marka MONADA, the Doctor of Medicine, Nad Opatovem 2140, 149 00 Prague 11 from 18.2 through 21.3.1997.

A sample of 11 patients have been tested altogether, comprising of 7 women and 4 men in the age of 19 to 57. The sample has been taken randomly.

2 patients suffering from
dermatological diagnosis (inter-digital mycosis and bacterial tetter) have been treated, the remaining patients had been suffering from pains of different parts of the movement system and headaches. Local application has been used with the first 2 patients and the remaining patients have been treated with an acupuncture probe which influences the active points in micro-system of the hand (su-jok acupuncture).


  1. The device meets the general aesthetic requirements about the appearance of health care devices and is positively accepted.
  2. The use of the device and its control are easy, its flexible intensity setting possibility according to the sensitivity of the patient is especially advantageous.
  3. The size and the case designed packaging makes the device very portable and usable outside the ambulance too. Compared with similar foreign devices of comparable quality this device is considerably cheaper.
  4. The method: in cases of 2 patients suffering from dermatological diagnosis, the device has been applied to the respected places directly. In the remaining cases the acupuncture points in the micro-system of the hand have been treated.
  5. Comparison with other methods: influencing the acupuncture points takes shorter to become effective than it is the case with the classical methods (needle, probe-exerted pressure) and the pain is less intensive as well.

Overall conclusion:

Electric device PEP-12 is very effective in helping to treat the skin diseases (tetter, mycosis). It can further be used in influencing the acupuncture or active points in the micro-system while treating headaches, neuralgia, rheumatics, as well as in massages according to the classical acupuncture.

The application of the device is painless and easily bearable provided the intensity is set correctly and as per the sensitivity of the patient. In addition, the effect is more than comparable with classical procedures in classical acupuncture.

The use of the PEP 12 device would be a suitable supplement in treatments undertaken in health care institutions, beauty parlours, etc. This is why I recommend its addition to the list of devices to be used in the health care system.

Mudr. Tichy - razitko The report was produced by: Miroslav Tichy, Doctor of medicine, PhD
Approved by: Jiri Marek, prim. Doctor of Medicine

The original is kept in the State institution for control of medicines, with Mrs. Matejcova, Srobarova 48, Prague 10.
On behalf of the producer Josef Srb - the owner, 1.9.1999